Anthony Bila

Anthony Bila, collaborating photographer had this to say about the photographs: The paradigm of how was we exist as Africans, in parallels, to ourselves as individuals, how we see each other from past to present and the internal conflict there of. There are three selves, the person we think ourselves to be, the person perceived by the world and the person we really are. The challenge, or the blind spot is navigating all three of those "personas", two of them being for all intents and purposes "true" but only one, the third being "the truth", especially in the context of the romantic relationships we inhabit, the romantic being the most complex because of how it encompasses all the facets of other relationships, familial, friendship, sexual, sensual, spiritual, it is all forms of love and so the most tempestuous to navigate of all.

Andile Buka

Photography by Andile Buka in collaboration with The Honey for The Honeyversary.

The Honey

In the beginning there was The Honey, The Honey is for the people and The Honey shall govern. It's been a long time coming. To honor The Honey's journey we've taken it back to the basics. Thank you for showing love. We are nothing without your support. All hail the Honey. See website for more photographs.